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The Board and Management of Airports Sacco was pleased to welcome some of our Diaspora members from Middle East at our offices. Mr. Robert Mathari and Mr. Pius Kinuthia (Airports Sacco -Saudi Arabian representatives), Mr. Anthony Kaiyai (Airports Sacco- Dubai Representative) and Mr. Stephen Githinji (Non – KAA Member) visited our Sacco on 7th of May, 2015.

Mr. George Karanja (Chairman), Mr. Gideon Kipsoi (Chief Executive Officer), Elizabeth Mugo (Finance Manager), Airports Sacco staff and other members were humbled to meet these special guests.

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Meeting with Airports Sacco Diaspora members: Mr. Robert Mathari (at the center in checked shirt) and Mr. Pius Kinuthia (opposite Mr. Robert).

Others include Mr. George Karanja (Airports Sacco National Chairman (on far right)), Elizabeth Mugo (Finance Manager- Airports Sacco (on the left opposite Mr. Robert) together with other staff.


Airports Sacco Updates

During the Board of Directors Meeting that was held on Tuesday, 14 April 2015, the Baord deliberated on the ammendment of the current Sacco By-Laws and the prevailing Back Office interest rates, among other matters.

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Post AGM Members' Brief

The following deliberations took place and were decided upon by the Members present during the 12th Annual Genral Meeting (AGM) that was held on Saturday 21st March, 2015 at the JKIA Garage Pavillion. Read more

New Fosa Loan Product


Airports Sacco has once again introduced a two year facility named OKAO LOAN.


  1. It’s ONLY for Salary account holders.
  2. Repayment period is 2year i.e. 24 months.
  3. If a member wish to clear this loan before the expiry period, this condition must apply:-
    • If the Sacco is the one to buy- off the loan, the member MUST incur penalty on early payment   ( minimum interest of 12 months of the same loan)
    • If a member decides to pay-off by cash/cheque, there will be NO penalty on early payment.
  4. A member can ONLY be issued with this loan ONCE at a time. Once it has been cleared, he /she can qualify for the loan again.

Diaspora members in Jeddah

This year, our Saudi Arabian members had the opportunity to meet Hon. Ambassadeur Mahmoud Mohammed in Jeddah. Their discussion mainly targeted on investing back at home.


Diaspora Membership


Airports Sacco is pleased to inform our members on the tremendous growth of our Diaspora members. Since last year, we have managed to recruit members from all over the world: United kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), South Africa, Republic of Congo, Tanzania and Uganda.

Since December 2013, we have received Mr. Raphael Gikunju (Airports Sacco- USA representative) and Mr. Robert Mathari (Airports Sacco- Saudi Arabia representative) at our offices in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. We used this opportunity to familiarize them with our staff and other members. This growth of Diaspora members that is attracting both the local and international investment is attributed to our competitive products and services that we offer at FOSA and Back office.

Airports Sacco - US Diasp Rep 3

Airports Sacco USA Diaspora Rep. Mr. Raphael Gikunju signing the

Visitors Book at our Sacco offices. Standing-Our CEO, Cheruiyot Kipsoi.

Airports Sacco - US Diasp Rep 4

Airports Sacco USA Diaspora Rep. Mr. Raphael Gikunju 2nd from right,

The Chairman, Mr. George N. Karanja,  CEO Mr. Cheruiyot Kipsoi and Dorothy Waeni at the Sacco Offices.

Airports Sacco - Saudi Arabia Diasp Rep 1

 Airports Sacco Saudi Arabia Diaspora Rep. Mr. Robert Mathari.1st from left. 

Others: Director Humphrey Bwire, Benson Mutuku and Isaiah Lusweti.

Join us too and let’s ‘Take off Together’.