Airports Sacco Limited
Airports Sacco Limited
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The CS said that the ministry is planning to register Saccos abroad to help Kenyans in the Diaspora invest. “This initiative will assist Kenyans in foreign countries to make structured remittances and facilitate investment at home,” he said in a speech read on his behalf by assistant country commissioner Jonathan Enkai.

“The Sacco spirit is of equality among the members. Hence, if membership cuts across the entire employment spectrum, it engenders a sense of unity of purpose and in a way bridges gaps in terms of working relations and breaks barriers in decision making” said Mr. George N. Karanja, the chairman of Airports Sacco.

It was a day to celebrate for the Airports Sacco as it was announced the best men’s Volleyball team of the year after it beat Magereza Sacco (3-1) during the men’s volleyball final match of this year’s Ushirika Cup staged at Railways Club on 27th-29th June 2014.

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