Airports Sacco Limited
Airports Sacco Limited
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 The Airport Sacco Limited Board of Directors led by the Chairman Mr. George Karanja, and Airport Housing Co-operative Society Management team led by their chairman Mr. Calvin Opundo, paid a courtesy call to the Kenya Airports Authority Managing Director Ms. Lucy Mbugua. During their meeting the Airport Sacco Chairman and the Airport housing Chairman updated the Managing Director on their projects, achievements and future plans.

 Airport Sacco Limited which was started in 1994 and registered with a modest share capital of Ksh 240,000 now boasts of deposits worth Ksh 285 million. While the Airport Housing Cooperative Society, has handled investments worth over Ksh 300 Million for the benefits of their members. The latter is currently engaged in a turn-key project 20 kms from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, which will give members the option of buying fully constructed affordable housing.

 The Managing Director who was very impressed with their achievements stated “From the management point of view, your two organizations add value to the staff of Kenya Airports Authority. Due to your innovative products our staff are able to enjoy facilities that cater to their needs. “

 “In your vision of providing every staff with affordable housing, you are fulfilling the government’s policy of housing every citizen, and moving the country one step closer towards the achievement of vision 2030. I congratulate you for a job well done.” She added.

 During the occasion The Managing Director who is also a member of both the Sacco’s agreed upon request to be their patron. She also approved the allocation of office space for the Airport housing Cooperative Society, and business and Automated teller machine space for the Airport Sacco FOSA within other airports.

 The Managing Director who is one of the highest savers within the Airport Sacco and an ardent supporter of the Airport Housing Co-operative Society, received her title deeds for her two plots at Kaputiei, Isinya Kajiado County of which she had completed payment.

 Airport Sacco Limited which is the first Co-operative institution in the country approved to collect payable revenue on behalf of KRA through Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd, is also moving towards expanding its membership to the Diaspora. Any Kenyan residing both locally and internationally can now access the membership forms within the Airports Sacco limited website.