Airports Sacco Limited
Airports Sacco Limited
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The following is an update brief:-
1. Out of the 38 plots allocated, 6 Members could not raise the entire sale amount of Kshs 565,000/=. They could also not qualify for loans from Faulu Kenya.
The 6 plots i.e. Plot Nos. 12, 19, 21, 23, 30 & 31 as shown in the picture are now available for allotment.avilable kamulu plots
2. All Members who had paid for the plots in cash have already collected their Title Deeds. Those that had applied for loans, have their ready titles keptin custody until their loan amounts are fully paid.
3. The Investment Committee of AHCS is working on a Masterplan for the development of the area. This will include plans for a borehole, sewerage and sanitation management, electricity,roads etc.
4. Prototypes of house designs were presented to Members in a meeting held on Friday 7th December, 2012. A follow-up of Members contributions is being made and another meetingis scheduled in mid-March, 2013 for evaluation.
We are therefore, inviting you for application of the 6 vacant plots at Kshs 565,000/=. A payment of deposit of 10% (Kshs 56,500/=) will be required and the balance of Kshs 508,500/= may be financed by Faulu Kenya Limited. This offer is already discounted as the prices of plots at the area have increased considerably due to property developments taking place.