Airports Sacco Limited
Airports Sacco Limited
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Three hundred Kenya Airports Authority employees who are members of Airport Housing Co-operative Society Limited are set to build own houses on a 100-acre scheme in Kaputiei, Isinya, Kajiado County. The construction consultant is already on the ground. Specifications for construction of borehole, site office and electricity installation have been finalized, according to the Society’s vice-chairman Mr. George N. Karanja who is also the Chairman of Airports Sacco Limited, the parent company.

“We should be drawing water from the borehole before end of October, 2012,” he said, adding that the Society has processed 300 title deeds for members who bought plots in the housing scheme. Some of the titles were issued to members recently by Cooperative Secretary Daniel Maanzo during the Sacco’s FOSA launch in June, 2012.

The buying of plots and their development is the outcome of partnerships that link Airports Sacco Limited, Airport Housing Co-operative Society and mortgage firm Housing Finance. Members of the housing society obtain loans from the Sacco to buy plots and because they are Kenya Airports Authority employees, they qualify to join the parastatal’s housing loan scheme.

In its policy, the Ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing does not allow Saccos to engage in land buying and real estate development. Saccos that have such capacity are encouraged to form sister companies whose mandate would be to deal with land and real estate matters. That is the reason why Airports Sacco Limited created AHCS in 2009.

The Sacco supports AHCS in terms of acquiring financial resources, capacity building and development of institutional frameworks. Most AHCS members get financial support from the Sacco whenever plots have been advertised for sale.

Currently, Airports Sacco Limited has 1,450 members. Of these, 99 per cent are employees of Kenya Airports Authority. Of these, 600 are members of Airports Housing Co-operative Society Limited (AHCS).

The housing society has also acquired for its members 15 Acres in Kisumu’s Dago area near RIAT Hills. Demarcation of the plots and title processing are already underway. A blueprint for the development of the area is expected to be ready for release to members in October, 2012, according to Mr. Karanja.

In Eldoret’s Pioneer/Ngeria, the society has acquired 80 Acres. Balloting for the Eldoret plots was done and members have started payment for their remaining balances for the plots.

Allocation of the plots in 5-acre Syokimau scheme has been completed and members have started paying for their plots.

In total, the housing society has purchased 200 acres that are expected to house 600 members and their families.

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